Congratulations to Andrew "Dobber" Dobson for winning this month's challenge! For his efforts, Dobber has been awarded the Challenge Commendation:

Results were as follows:

Entry 1, by Neill "Ranger" Magill - 0 Votes
Entry 2, by Andrew "Dobber" Dobson - 2 Votes


The Morning Star has been ordered to the Alhruvi Sector to investigate rumors of a secret Imperial facility. High Command is extremely concerned, considering the Empire's lack of interest in this region previously. Preliminary reports suggest the facility may only be a patrol outpost, but with the Empire, things are not always what they seem...

Compulsory Craft & Goals

- Perzand (must survive)
- ZX-113 (must be captured)
- X-Wing or A-Wing Red
- B-Wing or Y-Wing Blue

Easter Egg

Be creative...include a bonus objective that will not be readily apparent to those playing the mission.

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